MYWAY is the navigation system used during the
oceanographic cruise of the XXXII Italian Antarctic Expedition.

The system will be fully operational starting from 31th of December
when the expedition ship ITALICA left the Lyttelton Port in New Zealand
for its long journey towards Italian Antarctic base "Mario Zucchelli".

MYWAY is based on web technologies and it has been developed
by ENEA using only open source software.

The system has been deployed on ITALICA and provides the following functions

  • Conning

    Conning panel shows the cruise information grouped in current and next waypoint position, vessel and meteo statistics.

  • Map

    Map reports the current track of the ITALICA ship in a geo-referred map with other useful data like current ice concentration and bathymetric curves.

  • Report

    Report page displays the graph of the acquired information of the cruise divided by tipology: meteo, vessel and sea statistics.

  • Download

    Download allows to download the data collected during the expedition in geo-referred, raster and vectorial formats.

MYWAY Credits

System Design & development

Stefano Ferriani

Team coordination

Nicola La Notte

Navigation instruments set-up & testing

Stefano Ferriani · Riccardo Maso · Riccardo Scipinotti

Single board computer set-up & programming

Riccardo Scipinotti

Weather Station set-up & deployment

Lorenzo De Silvestri · Stefano Dolci · Riccardo Maso

System manager

Giuseppe Caivano

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